[FCS] Event Staffing

[FCS] Event Staffing

Need servers, bartenders, or event setup crew? We provide experienced, professional event staff for successful gatherings.

[FCS] Event Staffing

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About the service

Staffing shortages can cause major stress for event planners. Our team supplies reliable, well-trained staff to fill any role at your event. We handle the hiring and staffing logistics so you can focus on making your event a success.

  1. Servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff.
  2. Registration, ticket sales, and guest service personnel.
  3. Setup/breakdown crews and event logistics support.
  4. Staffing for corporate events, trade shows, and private parties.

What’s part of the service

Tell us about your event, and we'll provide the staff to make it run smoothly. Our staff members are carefully vetted and trained to deliver exceptional service.  We work closely with you to ensure your event is fully supported.

  • Consultation to assess your event staffing needs.
  • Professional, uniformed staff with a focus on guest service.
  • Flexible staffing options and scalable solutions.
  • Pre-event shift briefing and on-site event management.